Andona Aviation specialises in providing turnkey solutions to the light, medium and heavy aircraft industry. Headquartered at Dublin International Airport alongside its flagship world class heliport and helicopter maintenance centre, Andona is strategically at the forefront of aviation business. Andona works closely through its partnerships in transport category operators located around the globe to effect a truly encompassing level of service and awareness of the industries across many continents.

Aircraft Management

Owning and operating any aircraft in a cost effective manner but while fulfilling the various regulatory requirements in full is a complicated and time consuming task. Andona can provide peace of mind in tailored Management Support of every element of an aircraft from sourcing, finance, purchase, shipping, import, delivery, registration, licensing, maintenance, insurance, fuel, pilots and operation; or any combination of the above to suit our customer’s needs. Andona currently operates and maintains several aircraft on behalf of corporate entities.

Andona can offer full Continuing Airworthiness Management through our EASA Part M Subpart G&I CAMO approval as required for EASA registered aircraft. Andona also offer aircraft management services for non EASA registered aircraft with several years experience of management, maintenance and operation of FAA, TC and ANAC registered aircraft.

Andona has extensive experience in management of most fixed wing, business jets, transport category airplanes and helicopters and welcomes enquiries. Andona operate 24/7/365 and consider such availability as standard to its customers with duty after hours numbers provided to all customers without request.